Friday, 11 March 2016

SEO Company in India use Complete SEO Strategy to Increase Blog’s Search Traffic

Various people are worried of Blog’s search traffic and want to know the exact solutions of this issue.

Look over the organic traffic of Vipra Business Blog’s post in past few months: 

Although, it was really slow performance of my blog post over Vipra Business. I was published 4 new blog post a week for increasing traffic on my website but won’t get proper results.

At the end of last year, we planned a strategy to publish our blog post in different way and finally got 75% growth in just 4 months.  

Here, I am going to share the strategy with you! It might not be helpful for your blog but it really worked for my blog post. 

Imp Note: 500 word +blog post always matter for increasing drive traffic on blog post within very limited time period. More content = better!”

What Vipra Business  Did

At the start of December 2015, there were 45 posts live on the Vipra Business blog, but there are now 30.

We Conducted A Content Audit and Content schedule :

We manage our content and categorized into three phase 
1)Awareness 2)Consideration 3)Decision Making

Step 1: We put URL of every blog post into excel sheet with proper managements.
Step 2:For each of following URL; we recorded their 

a) Title
b) Word Count
c) Meta tags descriptions
d) Internal linking 
e) Referring Domain
f) Author

Vipra Business is the  Best Top SEO Company Delhi Noida NCR India and really efficient for solving your website and your blog traffic with ease and comfortable. We have team of digital marketing experts that is really help to improve your website traffic within very specific period of time. 


  1. Various people are worried of Blog’s search traffic and want to know the exact solutions of this issue. business technology

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